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“It has been said that 'everlasting friends' go long periods of time without speaking and never question their friendship.

These friends pick up the phone like they just spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how far away they live and they don’t hold grudges.

They understand that life is busy and you will always love them”

We are “Roadies”


The Collective Backbone of Australian Music

Last Name First Name Nickname  Cause of Death Year
ARNOLD Ray   Cancer  
AMSTER Dave   Cancer  
ANTOUFIDES Tony   Heart attack  
BAIN Jock   Suicide 2011
BARBERRA Mal     2017
BELL Laurie   Car accident 1985
BENTLEY Andy Suicide  
BISHOP John JB Choked  
BLACKMORE Ron   Heart attack  
BOWIE Ian Spiro Heart attack  
BRAHAM Dennis   Choked 1995
BRATTAN Rick   Cancer  
BRODY Dave Shakey Cancer  
BROWN Peter Brownie O/D  
BURKINSHAW Phil   Suicide  
BUTLER Al   Heart attack  
CARE Tony Beaky O/D  
CARTER Eric   Stroke  
CHAPMAN Andrew   Suicide  
CHUGG Aaron   Stroke 2013
CLARKE Greg   Heart attack  
COEHICO Kevin Rubberguts O/D  
COLLIS Rory   Diabetes  
CONNELLY Leo   Motorbike accident  
COONEY Declan   Cancer  
COOPER Shane   Car accident  
CROSBY Andy   Heart attack  
DALLOW Alan   Truck crash (Swannee) 1980
DAVIDSON Jason      
DeABREAU Joe   Asbestosis 2015
DEW Ray Suicide  
DICKIE Dennis   Motorbike crash 1971
DRUMMOND Ron   Leukemia  
DUHIG Scotty Dot Suicide 2013
DUNN Graeme   Suicide  
EASTICK Phil   Renal failure 2010
EDWARDS Tony The Room Cancer  
EDWARDS Warren Suicide  
EMERY Ray   A sad funny story  
EVANS Geoff      
EVERET Brewster   O/D  
FARRELLY John   Cancer 1993
FRENCH John     2017
GEORGETTIS Gerry GG Suicide 2005
GIBB Billy   Cancer 1993
GRANT Chris      
GREEN Jeff   Heart attack  
GODFREY Ray      
GRAY Ian Arnie Heart attack  
HARRIS Rodney Gravy Car accident  
HARTLEY William Bill Heart Failure  
HAYLOCK Rodney   Epilepsy 2007
HICKMAN Greg Bags Stroke  
HITCHENS Ken   Diabetes  
HUGDENS Watson      
HUXLEY Mark   Cancer 2016
INGHAM Dave Rodger O/D  
JACKSON Bruce   Plane crash 1997
JAMES Arthur AJ Heart attack  
JARVIS Robbie   Suicide 1999
JARVIS Wayne Swampy Heart attack 2003
JENNINGS Grant   Suicide 1994
KAY Andrew      
KIRTLAND Steve   Lung disease 2016
LAFFY John   O/D  
LAFFY Peter   Cancer  
LAYTON Meg   Camping accident 2007
LEHDAY James   Epilepsy  2010
LEGGE Michael      
LIDDY Scott   Motorbike accident  
LIPPOLD Tony   Cancer  
LLOYD Greg Mongo Suicide  
LONGWOOD Bob     2017
MARINI Sam   Suicide  
MARTIN David      
McDONALD Andrew Lurch Cancer 2013
McKENZIE James Rocky Suicide 2008
McKERCHAR Trevor      
McLEAN Hugh   Organ failure 2011
MERRYWEATHER Jeff   Suicide 1983
MONDO Ray   Diabetes  
NESSEL Gary     2014
NORTON Tony   O/D  
O'NEILL Paul Kid Suicide  
O'SHANNESSEY John Face Earthquake 1989
OSWALD Rob Robbie Cancer  
PALMER Tim      
PEACH Greg   Motorbike accident  
PEACH Robert Ollie Gideon Barre Syndrome  
PETKOVICH John   Cancer 2017
PICKETT Pat   Cancer 2010
POPOFF Steph   Suicide 2013
POWELL John w   Heart attack  
PRIOR Brian   Truck crash  
PUCKERIDGE Bruce   Heart attack  
PURVIS Bob   Heart attack  
RAMP Ricky      
REHE Tex   Car accident  
RICHMOND Luke Spart Prostate Cancer 2010
RISBEY Colin   Huntingtons disease  
ROBINSON Eric   Cancer 2015
RONDO Steve   Heart attack 1999
ROWE Billy   Truck crash 1980
ROWE Billy   Leukemia  
RUSHMELLON Harold JC Cancer 2012
RUSSELL Nui      
SANDBACH Neal Diptheria Cancer  
SHUGG Chris Shuggy Cancer  
SMITH Ian Smithy Cancer 2014
SORTINO Vito Saucy Cycling accident  
SPROCKET Brian   Car accident  
SPURA Peter      
STEGERT Ivan   Truck crash  
STELL Allan   Asbestosis 2012
SUMMERS Peter   Cancer  
SWINEY John   Cancer 2013
SWINEY Norm   Cancer  
THOMPSON Greg GT Stroke 2016
TIMMERMANS Graham   Truck crash  
TURNER Jeff Bunsen Burner    
TYCROSS Timmy      
VERENKAMP Jim Jimvee Cancer 2013
VILLANI John   Cancer  
VINCENT Deborah   Cancer  
WAPLES Steve Mugga Suicide  
WATSON Steve Watto    
WEEKS Dion   Motor Neuron  
WHEADON Geoff   Heart attack  
WILLIAMS Anthony   Suicide 2009
WOOD Lew   Suicide 2014
WOOLLARD Jim   Suicide 1983
WHYTE Cliff   Cancer 2016
WRAIGHT Andy   Cancer 2015
WRIGHT Jonathan Skinman Suicide  
XYPOLITIS Chuck   Heart attack 2015
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